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Lego Star Wars Party

February 1, 2011

If you have a little boy, there’s a very good chance you know all about Lego Star Wars! You probably have the video games and Lego sets that cost more than your car, and you probably spend all day stepping on and picking up (and trying very hard not to vacuum up) tiny little Lego people modeled after the beloved Star Wars characters.You’ve got Lego Star Wars pajamas, t-shirts, swim trunks, watches, and you say “quit hitting your sister with that lightsaber” at least three times a day. And you were just told he wants a Lego Star Wars party – not just a Star Wars party, a LEGO Star Wars party. So like the good mom (or dad) that you are, you begin scouring the internet looking for Lego Star Wars party supplies and realize with dismay, there ain’t much out there!

But have no fear – we’ve got you covered!! Princess & The Peas has an awesome selection of Lego Star Wars party stuff and ideas that we are just dying to share with you! From invitations to thank you cards to printable party decor, we’ve got what you need for an amazing Lego Star Wars party…..


Invitations and Thank You Cards can be purchased from PRINCESS & THE PEAS.


For all you Do-It-Yourself-ers, Princess & The Peas offers digital templates so you can make your own super cool Lego Star Wars plates! All you have to do is purchase the Digital Template, print as many out as you need, cut, and glue to a paper or plastic plate. Then, take a clear plastic plate and glue that baby right on top (we glued around the edge using clear craft clue) – easy peasy!

Templates for the plates can be purchased at PRINCESS & THE PEAS.


We’re all about DIY around here, and now you can be too! Grab our Digital Centerpiece Template, print out as many as you need, cut, easily fold and glue/tape, and voila – instant, fabulous Lego Star Wars Centerpiece! We made ours a bit more snazzy by sticking a metallic table decoration in the middle. SO easy, even the craft-challenged people can do it 😉

You can purchase the template for the centerpiece at PRINCESS & THE PEAS!


We all know that cupcakes are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? They’re cute, delicious, and a snap to serve to hungry kiddos! Why not make your cupcakes even more fabulous with our Lego Star Wars Cupcake Wraps and Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers!

This is another DIY party project, and all you need is a printer and some cookie/lollipop sticks (or whatever other kind of “stake” you want to use). Princess & The Peas offers Digital Templates for both the wrappers and the toppers – print as many as you need!

Lego Star Wars Cupcake Fun

If you really want to jazz up your cupcake display, try making your own coordinating cupcake stand with the instructions found  here.

The template for the cupcake wraps can be purchased HERE, and the template for the cupcake toppers can be purchased HERE.


Tired of giving out the same ol’ party favors? So were we! That’s why we came up with these super awesome “Official” Jedi Training Certificates! The kids will love ’em! Princess & The Peas will print them up for you, or you can purchase the digital template and do it yourself! 



If you’re planning a Star Wars party, you MUST make these!! They’ll be the hit of the party, and two years later, your son’s friends will still be talking about them – trust me, I know! 😉

All you need are some foam pool noodles and black and silver duct tape. Cut the noodles in half and get to wrappin’ that duct tape to make the handles…. That’s it! You’re done! And you’re the coolest mom in town!


What’s a party without a pinata? Tackle this DIY party project if you’re feelin’ fancy – makes for a really fun party game, AND all the candy the kiddos collect passes for party favors – oh yeah!

If you’re feeling super ambitious you can make the pinata from scratch using paper mache. OR, you can take the easy route (we like the easy route!!) and find yourself a ready-made round pinata (baseball, basketball, eyeball – yes they have eyeball pinatas during Halloween, I saw one, I swear!). Remove all the paper fringey stuff and anything else covering the pinata so you’re left with just the shell, paint it gray, let dry, then paint the lines and details in black. And since you’ve already gone all out for this pinata, why not take it one step further and transform a regular pinata stick into a lightsaber by wrapping it with blue duct tape for the blade and black duct tape for the handle! Now sit back and admire your seriously cool Death Star pinata before it gets smashed 😉

DIY Death Star Pinata


Lightsaber Training – have the kids use their lightsabers to try and keep balloons in the air (this is harder than it looks and a lot of fun).

Astroid Hunt – wrap candy or small toys in foil and hide. Have the kids go “hunting” for them.

Free Hans Solo – freeze two Hans Solo action figures (or Lego mini-figs!) in ice. Divide the kids into two teams and have them take turns filling a cup or bucket with water and dumping it on Hans Solo. The first team to melt the ice and “free” Hans Solo, wins!

Destroy the Death Star – draw the Death Star on the driveway or patio with chalk and have the kids bomb it with water balloons until it is “destroyed” (disappears). OR — make a Death Star pinata and have the kids whack it until it explodes!

So there ya have it – one heck of a cool Lego Star Wars party! Have any other fun ideas? Let’s hear ’em!